About Me


I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Germanics at the University of Washington, Seattle. The area of focus of both my teaching and research is pre-modern literatures and languages. My research interests include medieval and early modern German and Yiddish literature and cultural transfers within a German-Jewish context. I have taught German language, culture, literature and historic linguistics at the undergraduate level and graduate level. Although I have taught some of these classes in German, I have additionally developed interdisciplinary classes in English for a wide audience, including “Witchcraft. From History to Pop culture” and “Adapting Arthur”.

Originally from Zwickau, Germany, I came to the United States to obtain a Ph.D. degree in the Carolina-Duke Graduate Program in German, the combined program of Duke’s and UNC’s German departments. I received my B.A. in Jewish Studies and my M.A. in Medieval and Early Modern German Literature and Language from Freie Universität in Berlin.

During my time in Berlin, I transliterated and edited Middle Dutch sermon tracts as a research assistant for Dr. Norbert Winkler and worked as a teaching assistant for Middle High German and medieval literature.

Recently, I rediscovered my love for singing as a member of the Seattle Bach Choir.

You can follow me on Twitter @Medieval_ista